‘Guidelines for developing heritage projects with adults with severe physical and/ or learning disabilities’

These guidelines have been developed from working on the ‘Your Past, My Present, Our Future’ project.  This was a partnership project between Norwich Castle Museum and Art Gallery and the Hamlet Centre, a local community organisation that works with adults with severe physical and/ or learning disabilities, and also Gemma Orton, an ex Clare School student with severe physical disabilities.


‘How to develop a Youth Forum in your museum – A toolkit of ideas’

A toolkit for developing Youth Forums funded by Museums, Libraries and Archives Council and Renaissance South East.

‘Exploring Citizenship through London’s archives, libraries and museums.’  A directory for Teachers of Key Stages 1 – 4. Funded by ALM London

‘Exploring Archives.  A teachers’ resource pack to support creative citizenship education through the use of archives.’  Resource packs for four Archives in London, funded by ALM London.

‘Suitcase Sculptures’, Article for ‘Interpretation Journal’.  Inclusive heritage: Attracting new audiences 2002

Group for Education in Museums News – Various articles since 1998

‘Telling Tales; A guide to developing effective storytelling programmes for museums’

Researched and written by Emily Johnsson Edited by Claire Adler